About By Brooklyn

By Brooklyn is the only store dedicated to the sale of fine goods made across the great Borough of Brooklyn.

By Brooklyn heralds the wealth of creative talent, artistry, determination to growing Brooklyn by enterprising Brooklynites. By Brooklyn is a unique space that exists beyond its brick-and-mortar walls, creating a community for artisans to share their experiences, hone their craft and create further opportunities for the expansion of their artistic endeavors.

About the Owner


Gaia DiLoreto is a recovering corporate finance robot.  In 1998 she moved to New York City to go to culinary school, which never happened.  In 2010 she finally followed her passion and attended the Institute of Culinary Education for Culinary Management.  During her studies she began to focus on the local food movement, volunteered for Edible Brooklyn, toured the urban farms and became a regular at local farmers markets.  Through the Brooklyn food blog Nona Brooklyn she learned about Brooklyn Honey.  When she realized she couldn’t find the honey in her neighborhood the seed was planted and the concept of By Brooklyn was born.  Gaia is co-chair of Brooklyn Bounty and serves as an advisory board member for exalt.

Special Thanks

By Brooklyn is grateful to the following friends who helped create our store:

Director of Business Development: Mindy Dulberg
Architect: Stephen Dargo
Window Display: Michelle Ferrara
Photography: Carla Licavoli, Michael Harlan Turkell, Jay Muckle, Kylie Bellard, Tess Colwell
Construction: Good News, Auburn Sun Corp.
Floor: Verrazano Flooring
Wallpaper: Flavor Paper
Public Relations: Alison Simard, Stern & Co.
Web Design: Cardwell Beach Raygun Design
Music provided by: DJ Steve Reynolds, Devon Nevola
Real Estate: Carroll Gardens Realty
Air Conditioning: Raphael “Panama” Grierson
Mac Consultant: A Mac POS


By Brooklyn is located at 261 Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.



By Brooklyn is honored to partner with the following organizations: